Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jazz Debuts at W. Long

Downtown continues to surprise. A new jazz club officially opened up at 55 W. Long Street near the YMCA over Labor Day weekend. The jazz option diversifies the bar offerings in the city by offering a grown up destination for music lovers.

The obvious shortcoming is the boarded up black windows. Haven't been inside the club just yet but instinctively people like to be able to look into and out of windows for the always entertaining people watching. Visibility inside the club also allows people on the street to see that the club is open and people are inside enjoying themselves. The visible presence of people draws other people. This area already has too many boarded up windows for the club to stand out as a trendy, thriving business. Another trouble spot is that the only other sign on the building is a "for lease" sign on the exterior.

The club website http://www.jamesclub88.com/ still needs some love.

Hopefully the club will entertain talking to the nearby hotels especially the nearby Double Tree so they can be a recommended destination for guests looking for a close drink/meal or live entertainment.

Good luck James Club.


Walker Evans said...

I'm hoping to go check this place out soon. I've heard some good things.

I also hope the black board windows aren't too much of a turn off. Perhaps they'll add some mystery to the place? Really I don't think their frontage is any less appealing than that of Tip Top, and it seems to be doing pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the outside fool you! Once inside, you're in another world ... and it's a good one.

I've been multiple times in the last few weeks. Next time your near, park and go inside.

Diverse crowd, friendly service and staff, and a wide range of piano based music from jazz to classical to showtunes to old classics to ... well you get the point.

I don't always know all the music, but I have a good time. (No, I don't work for the bar, I just really like the place.)

Anonymous said...

I have fallen in Love with this place. The owners are so Friendly and Great Staff. The Atmosphere is terrific. Who cares about the view outside, I go for the Incredible Music, Friendly staff and inviting crowd. Come check it out and make some new Friends as I have!!