Monday, September 10, 2007


I have it bad for the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Our first dalliance happened by accident about a year ago and since then has become somewhat of a minor obsession.

Libraries are sexy and deserve to be talked about in the urban planning arena. Too often proponents of city living focus on what needs to be improved rather than commending highly-functioning and positively impacting entities, events, or persons for their contributions to the urban landscape. The Columbus Metropolitan Library is such an example.

In 2005, American Libraries magazine ranked the Columbus library system number one in the country for communities with 500,000 plus persons. In 2006, it slipped to number three but if Nancy Kerrigan can settle for bronze so can I. The 2007 rankings will be announced in November and I am expecting a way better performance than Britney at the Video Music Awards last night.

Rankings aside, the Columbus library system is just an amazing public entity that gives and gives and only asks that you return checked out materials on time. Sadly, I owe a $1.20 right this very minute but just like a too nice friend; I am still allowed to borrow more materials without being pushed to repay my debt.

So why do I have a mad crush on CPL?

Ability to reserve any materials online and have them sent to any library branch for pick-up. Conversely, all materials can be returned to any branch for added convenience.

Each branch is well-lit, secure, and inviting which allows people to feel safe and welcome during their visits

Friendly, knowledgeable librarians and support staff that WANT you to ask questions especially about book recommendations. There is always a daily book recommendation on the main page and you can sign up for additional book recommendations via email

Their media collection is current and rivals Blockbuster and Virgin combined. I like knowing that 50 cent can come home with me at the same time as Ella.

Availability of self-check out makes getting in and out quick simple. It also allows persons to check out potentially embarrassing materials without judgment. Care Bear and Friends the Movie may or may not be in my reserve list. I am only comforted be the fact that there are 2 other people on the waitlist before me.

All libraries have multiple computers and internet access and some have wifi. IT access is especially important to job seekers as many employers including those in the service industry have begun to only post openings online and requires applications to be submitted online.

The list goes on and on….tutoring resources, children’s programming, voter registration, public events, etc.

So visit and get started but be sure to visit the main branch, an original Carnegie library, at 96 S Grant Avenue in downtown Columbus.

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