Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Cooper Stadium in Franklinton will become a race track. I am sure the neighbors will just love the sound of gunning engines and screeching brakes. Nothing raises real estate values like junior Nascar right next door.

More details to follow in the a.m. from city officials.


Good news - you can finally get that crescent moon or Chinese character tattoo that you have always wanted. Fat Tire Tattoo and Piercing is opening up at 1443 N. High Street (W. 8th and N. High). Check out their myspace page - they are offering a tattoo special.

And no, Mr. T is not Fat Tire's work. I trust that their team would not willingly put any A-Team member on anyone's arm. The Facts of Life girls....that might be another story.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Compliments of While I won't be biking to Gahanna for work, I will be biking to class. Even if you only bike once and it is to do a short errand you are still participating in promoting alternative transportation options.


Nothing makes an impression in the workplace quite like Martian green biker pants. It commands attention. It makes a statement.

And that statement is, “I’m celebrating Bike to Work Week, and my fashion sense is questionable.”

Bike to Work Week kicks off May 12, so the time to prepare is now. Putting your rear in spandex biker gear is highly optional, but some things are just required.

1. Know the Law
Casey Karnes of B1 Bicycles (124 E. Long Street) says that respecting the law is critical. Stay in the street and off the sidewalks.

2. Know How to Park
Some businesses have bike racks nearby, some don’t. Make sure there’s a safe place to store your bike once you make it to work.

3. Get Fuel
You’ll need to refuel after the morning ride, so plan on biking to the Statehouse lawn on Monday, May 12. The party will include bagels, coffee, a live band and a few political celebrities until 9 am.

4. Get Cajones
You’ll still need a little chutzpah when it comes to sharing the streets with cars. Karnes also suggests, “Hold your ground… stay two to three feet from the curb.”

5. You Need a Bike
The newly expanded B1 Bicycles definitely has bikes - there’s even special “commuter” bikes with compartments for carrying the regular workday clothes (hint hint).

Fun Links
These two websites can help you plan for Bike to Work Week


I think most people have noticed that this blog has recently thrown pet themed topics into the mix. True, I may have become a little dog crazed since we adopted Rilo but my peeked interest is largely due to the repeatedly expressed need for more pet amenities such as dog parks by Columbus residents.

While fenced dog parks are definitely needed to provide pets a safe place to exercise and socialize with other dogs, I have heard little discussion among pet owners about the need for better designed shelters, the place where most of these individuals have adopted their companions from. Shelters such as the Franklin County Dog Shelter (FCDS) are the intermediary care givers for our soon-to-be best friends so we should insist upon the inclusion of features that offer better treatment and care of animals. Just as we set new standards for the care of humans we should be pushing for innovative facilities that promote healing and maximally enhance the physical and emotional well being of animals as they recover from past traumas and await adoption.

A couple stories in the past few months have gotten me thinking about the condition of animal shelters. In Morgan County, Ohio the dog warden was asked to resign or be fired because all the unclaimed dogs in his care were being killed - some by gunshots- and dumped in the back of the shelter. Most of these dogs went unclaimed because the shelter had no public hours to view them. The Humane Society admits that rural communities think of their pets in a different way than more urban communities and therefore the care of the animals is low on the totem pole.

The Franklin County Dog Shelter (FCDS) is clearly NOT the understaffed barn that housed dogs in Morgan County. The FCDS animals are well tended to by staff and a large volunteer corp but the conditions of the shelter are not ideal. The cramped environment limits the amount of interaction between dogs and potential adopters and the noisy, cold environment stresses out the animals and contributes to them getting sick and developing behavioral problems. Plans are on the books for an $18 million new shelter to be built but a new building does not necessarily mean better conditions or improved accessibility for potential adopters.

My friend Jean told me about the Washington Animal Rescue League's (WARL)new facility which has essentially set a new standard for animal shelters. I was amazed to read about how much thought they placed into the facility and wanted to share with you what Franklin County could have. The WARL shelter opened in the fall of 2006and can now accommodate nearly 400 animals, an increase of 66 percent.

Some of the new features include:

separate ventilation systems for each living unit
skylights and glass apartments to maximize natural lighting
privacy nooks
elevated beds
heated flooring
flowing water and music
hutch doors

Half of you reading this just thought to yourself "I don't have a skylight, why should a dog?". The other half of you said, "Fancy Feast should also be served on pewter platters to the cats".

The reason for these added amenities is that they improve the behavior and health of the animals which means a better behaved companion for potential adopters. In addition to the noise level subsiding to to occasional bark, the ventilation systems have been essentially eliminated respiratory problems and the animals get more rest and are less fearful of people. The improved condition of the dogs and the increased number of visitation rooms is expected to contribute to an increased number of pet adoptions. The quicker turnaround time for animals to be adopted means a reduced operating expense.

The Franklin County Dog Shelter is considering such improvements to the new shelter but which and how many of them that will eventually be included are unknown.

The other improvement I would like to see to the shelter is a more central location. It is likely that the new shelter will be similarly located out in no man's land near the existing location. I found this location during my visits terribly inconvenient, confusing and a little depressing. I know the shelter is considering other locations and I am at a loss of where it could be better placed but I am sure smart people like you all can recommend multiple options.



Life of the Party
Allie is an energetic, sweet girl. She would love an active home where she can get in plenty of exercise and playtime!
Ward: 2 / 241
Australian Cattle Dog
1 yr
51 lbs. / Female
# 80327006

Isn't she adorable? Plus if you bring her home all the uncooperative cattle that I am sure are lingering outside your door can finally be coralled.

Check Allie out and the other 363 available dogs at the Franklin County Shelter at

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Busy Bee
Foxy is a timid, yet loyal and affectionate girl. She is already housebroken and knows sit, down, come, and give paw! Foxy needs a home with no small children. Foxy is in foster care, please email Erin to meet her!

* Mixed
* 2 yrs
* 41 lbs. / Female
* # 71208008

Poor Foxy...she has been at the shelter for months and all though she is in foster care right now she hasn't found a permanent home to call her own. She was completely lovable when we were looking but she was just a little too big for our apartment. As the shelter notes, she tends to be a little shy but I think it is because all the other dogs barking nonstop has her stressed out.

Can you give Foxy a home?

Friday, April 18, 2008


Congratulations Columbus you did it! You set a goal and accomplished it. Yes, Columbus is ranked second as the city with the most sexually satisfied men by Men's Health magazine. A proud distinction you all had a part in.

I decided to post this for two reasons. One, I find most rankings ridiculous because of the determining criteria and two, because people tout them as fact if they are on top of the list but scorn them if they don't get the ranking they agree with.

Of course Men's Health did not speak to anyone to gauge their sexual satisfaction instead they base it on condom sales, birth rates and sex toy sales from Babeland and Pure Romance. Ummm, really? I hardly think a guy getting someone knocked up demands good sex. Sometimes all it takes is three drinks, five minutes and a poor decision.

Check out the rest of the rankings....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Looks like La Fogata is finally replacing the dirt patch and sometime parking lot in front of the restaurant with a patio. Saw cement being poured this morning on what appeared to be a patio foundation. The most important question at hand is will it be ready for Cinco de Mayo?

Their website ( still has them only being located in Pickerington which is uber great and all but that oversight certainly can't be helping them sell tacos in the Short North.

La Fogata
790 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Not margarita related and thus infinitely less interesting, the Annunciation- Greek Orthodox Cathedral has razed their orginal structure and has begun construction on an expansion project to house education classes, etc.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I thought it would be fun to do a photo of the week and while Nuns on Bikes and the men from Thunder Down Under were contenders I thought I should choose something more cause driven.

So while there won't be habits or scantily clad men on here there will be dogs that are available for adoption from the Franklin County Shelter in hopes to draw more foot traffic to their website and physical location. My partner and I recently adopted a dog from the shelter and while she is still learning and may or may not pee when she gets excited we never realized there was something missing from our lives until she came home with us. If your lifestyle and finances allow it, seriously consider adopting a dog or volunteering.

This week's featured dog is Magic- the dog we almost took home

Magic aka Ozzie
Life of the Party
This handsome boy is a real gem! He is smart, affectionate, curious, and LOVES to play. He's a good-natured pup who loves toys and to play with other dogs. He still has puppy energy so will need adequate exercise. Knows sit, down, & come. Crate-trained and housebroken.

I can attest Magic is a beautiful and fun dog and if our apartment allowed it I would take him in a second.

To adopt Magic or see more of the other 372 available dogs available at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, visit


The Italian Village Society was posting fliers on doors this weekend announcing two pretty great events for the neighborhood.

First is the Clean Out Your Basement Recycling Event hosted by AEP. To help keep things out of landfills the Salvation Army will be collecting clothes and furniture, Fireproof will be shredding documents and paper and TechUsed will be taking electronics and household appliances. This is everyone's opportunity to get rid of the Debbie Gibson and long unworn pair of jellies that have been hanging around the house. Collections will be at the Fireproof parking lot at 2nd Avenue and High Street.

Soap box moment- I wish the SNBA would have selected an organization other than the Salvation Army which refuses to offer domestic partner benefits to their employees in adherence to their biblical principles. The Short North was largely redeveloped by and remains home to many GLBT individuals and GLBT-owned businesses and organizations participating in these types of neighborhood events should reflect the values and needs of the SN community. Soap box put away.

Second, the Italian Village Society Amicis will be fielding gardening questions and offering tips at Christopher Columbus Park - the triangular park in the middle of Warren Street between Summit and 4th. The first 200 villagers to visit the booth will receive a free packet of flower seeds. Volunteers can also help the Amicis spruce up the flowerbeds in the park.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


One of the reasons I like living in dense cities is that despite the large number of people around you are somehow able to go about your business unnoticed. I find comfort in being swallowed up by large groups but every once in a while I seek out the opportunity to be truly alone. Today I found the chance at the Gahanna Woods just off Havens Corner Road in, you guessed it, the City of Gahanna.

It could have been the clear blue sky, comfortable weather or my sidekick Rilo (puppy) but the woods provided the perfect escape. However, not all went well. I wore flip flops in celebration of the first warm day of the year without fully understanding that woods are actually a swamp forest. Swamp forest + heavy recent rains = not so good flip flop conditions.

Regardless the setting was serene and the trails were very well taken care of. And according to the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves I saw the best remaining complex of buttonbush swamps and vernal pools in central Ohio. All I know is that I saw trees and bodies of water and I thought it sure looked pretty. Now I didn't see these but apparently there are going to be yellow water-crowfoot and skunk cabbage coming up soon.

No one in their right mind should ever pass up the chance to see skunk cabbage. Just think of the great water cooler conversation opportunities that arise from it.

"So Chuck, how was your weekend?"
"Amy, it was fantastic. The new crop of skunk cabbage is fuller and more pungent than I've ever seen it. It should be the next yankee candle scent."

I digress. Any way, set aside an hour and drive out to Gahanna and enjoy some cypress-knee sedge. More information can be found at

Friday, April 4, 2008


Earth Day for me parallels New Years Eve - minus the excessive amount of alcohol I typically consume- because I make a conscience effort to evaluate how I am living my daily life and how it impacts the environment. Do not get me wrong- I am not health nut nor do I chain myself to trees but I do believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves and our friends and families to reduce our environmental impact.

There are a million of ways you can introduce more environmentally-friendly behaviors into your daily life. Here are a couple easy and affordable suggestions:

*Use tupperware containers for your lunch instead of sandwich bags
*Bring reusable bags for your grocery trips; if you do use plastic grocery bags
take them back to the grocery store on your next trip to recycle them
*Cut up old clothing i.e. socks, t-shirts, etc. to use as rags instead of using
paper towels
*Turn off lights when you you are not using them. No one cares if your house
looks cozy from the street.
*Walk or ride the bus to work at least once a week to work. A work out might
shave off a couple pounds while you are at it.
*Get your coffee in a reusable coffee mug instead of a disposable paper cup.
Most coffee shops reward good behavior by shedding off a dime for your total.
*Decline a bag with your next take out meal. Do you really need a paper bag to
carry your single aluminum foil-wrapped Chipotle burrito?
*Wear your jeans and other articles of clothing more than once. Febreeze it.
*Wash your dishes by hand to control how much water is used or ensure that your
dishwasher is fully loaded before pushing starting the cycle.
*Buy "green" cleaning products. Clorox just launched a new brand, Green Works,
that is only few cents more than non-green brands and actually clean.
*Don't pick up crap freebies from events, etc. if you are not going to use
them. Chances are you will throw them away.

Most of these simple behavior changes require minimal changes in your daily activity and can help you save money, get fit and feel better about your place in life. So why not kick off Earth Day and a new way of living by volunteering for Earth Day this April 26, 2008. You decide how much time you can contribute and what activities you are able or willing to do.

To volunteer, visit