Saturday, April 5, 2008


One of the reasons I like living in dense cities is that despite the large number of people around you are somehow able to go about your business unnoticed. I find comfort in being swallowed up by large groups but every once in a while I seek out the opportunity to be truly alone. Today I found the chance at the Gahanna Woods just off Havens Corner Road in, you guessed it, the City of Gahanna.

It could have been the clear blue sky, comfortable weather or my sidekick Rilo (puppy) but the woods provided the perfect escape. However, not all went well. I wore flip flops in celebration of the first warm day of the year without fully understanding that woods are actually a swamp forest. Swamp forest + heavy recent rains = not so good flip flop conditions.

Regardless the setting was serene and the trails were very well taken care of. And according to the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves I saw the best remaining complex of buttonbush swamps and vernal pools in central Ohio. All I know is that I saw trees and bodies of water and I thought it sure looked pretty. Now I didn't see these but apparently there are going to be yellow water-crowfoot and skunk cabbage coming up soon.

No one in their right mind should ever pass up the chance to see skunk cabbage. Just think of the great water cooler conversation opportunities that arise from it.

"So Chuck, how was your weekend?"
"Amy, it was fantastic. The new crop of skunk cabbage is fuller and more pungent than I've ever seen it. It should be the next yankee candle scent."

I digress. Any way, set aside an hour and drive out to Gahanna and enjoy some cypress-knee sedge. More information can be found at

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