Monday, April 14, 2008


The Italian Village Society was posting fliers on doors this weekend announcing two pretty great events for the neighborhood.

First is the Clean Out Your Basement Recycling Event hosted by AEP. To help keep things out of landfills the Salvation Army will be collecting clothes and furniture, Fireproof will be shredding documents and paper and TechUsed will be taking electronics and household appliances. This is everyone's opportunity to get rid of the Debbie Gibson and long unworn pair of jellies that have been hanging around the house. Collections will be at the Fireproof parking lot at 2nd Avenue and High Street.

Soap box moment- I wish the SNBA would have selected an organization other than the Salvation Army which refuses to offer domestic partner benefits to their employees in adherence to their biblical principles. The Short North was largely redeveloped by and remains home to many GLBT individuals and GLBT-owned businesses and organizations participating in these types of neighborhood events should reflect the values and needs of the SN community. Soap box put away.

Second, the Italian Village Society Amicis will be fielding gardening questions and offering tips at Christopher Columbus Park - the triangular park in the middle of Warren Street between Summit and 4th. The first 200 villagers to visit the booth will receive a free packet of flower seeds. Volunteers can also help the Amicis spruce up the flowerbeds in the park.

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