Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Compliments of DowntownColumbus.com. While I won't be biking to Gahanna for work, I will be biking to class. Even if you only bike once and it is to do a short errand you are still participating in promoting alternative transportation options.


Nothing makes an impression in the workplace quite like Martian green biker pants. It commands attention. It makes a statement.

And that statement is, “I’m celebrating Bike to Work Week, and my fashion sense is questionable.”

Bike to Work Week kicks off May 12, so the time to prepare is now. Putting your rear in spandex biker gear is highly optional, but some things are just required.

1. Know the Law
Casey Karnes of B1 Bicycles (124 E. Long Street) says that respecting the law is critical. Stay in the street and off the sidewalks.

2. Know How to Park
Some businesses have bike racks nearby, some don’t. Make sure there’s a safe place to store your bike once you make it to work.

3. Get Fuel
You’ll need to refuel after the morning ride, so plan on biking to the Statehouse lawn on Monday, May 12. The party will include bagels, coffee, a live band and a few political celebrities until 9 am.

4. Get Cajones
You’ll still need a little chutzpah when it comes to sharing the streets with cars. Karnes also suggests, “Hold your ground… stay two to three feet from the curb.”

5. You Need a Bike
The newly expanded B1 Bicycles definitely has bikes - there’s even special “commuter” bikes with compartments for carrying the regular workday clothes (hint hint).

Fun Links
These two websites can help you plan for Bike to Work Week


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Anonymous said...

Mr. Columbus,

I commend you for promoting "Bike to Work" day, but encourage you to also note the importance of wearing a helmet while biking on your list of "rules." You could even wear one that matches your martian green pants. Now that's not only fashion-forward, but also just plain safe and sound.

Your biking friend in DC who still tends to fall off her bike while its stationery (those damn clip in shoes!)