Friday, September 7, 2007

The Case of the Missing Patio

Patios in Columbus are hard to come by especially in the Short North stretch due to limited properties having much depth between the curb and building facade. One such exception is Rojo Tequileria adjacent to Union Station and Haiku both of which are relishing in their patio business. While both of these businesses have found gold in their patios, Rojo has chosen to make their huge frontage a drive up valet. Why when every other business with valet uses curb check? Rojo could literally double or triple the table space of their small restaurant and take advantage of Columbus's great spring-fall weather. Throw out some heat lamps and a great awning for the winter and cold nights and it is still a fiesta. We have all had our thirst and daily woes quenched by one...two...three...pitchers of margaritas so why not make a party of it.

Alright Nancy Drews...find me Rojo's patio.


Walker Evans said...

Good call. That place needs a patio. Hopefully it's in the works and associate red tape isn't keeping it from being too far off.

Matt said...

Couldnt agree more. Not only are they missing out big time, their current set up makes the neighboring area a mess.

Steve said...

I actually bartend at Rojo 5 nights a week... and trust me, we are equally frustrated with the lack of a patio. Walker was right about the red tape, currently we are waiting on our 'lighting fixtures' to be approved by the Victorian Village association, but the patio is coming... just slowly.

In the meantime, come drink some margaritas and stare at our ugly lot.