Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I admit I am a Suds and Java patron. I wash my unmentionables in the public eye. Every so often in the midst of the fluff and fold, I learn something.

You all may have noticed Suds and Java's N. High parking lot torn up recently and assumed it was just some more impervious asphalt going down. Nope. Based on the laundry mat attendant, the landowner is putting in a three to four-story apartment building and a retail store. The current tenants are not amused by the plan because the new development will partially block them from the street. I sympathize but the current strip mall style building ain't that charming so I say block it as long as appropriate signage allows for them to advertise their wares. Customer parking will still exist but will be in the back of the apartment building.

I am a little nervous about the building design but I like to believe the existing Planning Commission has learned from past mistakes. At least the project shows promise in reconnecting a disjointed street facade and providing more housing options for almost downtown dwellers.

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Anonymous said...

I think this will overall help the area and any business that can stick it out. When you see condo projects like Jackson On High with a rooftop pool going in you know the area will be nice. Who knows in a few years this will probably be the hot new area.