Friday, February 15, 2008


I really enjoy street vendors. Admittedly I like their tasty morsels they hawk but they also add a unique vibrancy to city streets. Without street vendors I would sadly be without a Hebrew National and the latest issue of Hello! more often than I would like.

A group of investors in DC just launched a unique twist on the street vendor concept that would be great to duplicate in Columbus whether it be targeted to the business day downtown, post bar crowd or both.

On the Fly is an eco-friendly sidewalk vendor that promotes sustainability by offering locally produced food and drinks and serves it in biodegradable packaging... and of course, the carts are electric. Even better is that the food options are a little more upscale than traditional street fare and prepared by chefs from Zagat rated restaurants.

On a related note, for those of you interested in keeping street vendors part of the urban landscape, you can provide financial assistance to the Street Vendor Project. The nonprofit organization's focus is helping street vendors to continue operating as legitimate businesses in NYC and opposing "quality of life" efforts to remove them.

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