Thursday, February 21, 2008


I rarely ever do more than just glance through The Other Paper because I never find any substantive journalism in it. I have come to accept that it really is just a big events calendar that lets me know just what is happening at Ugly Tuna every night of the week. I admit, I have been there once and I did consume a fish bowl of liquor while there. I digress.

However, in this week's issue of the OP, Kitty McConnell brings to light more information regarding the old Little Brother's Location. Apparently the new business, Liquid, is going to be debuting this spring as a bar/restaurant geared toward gay professional women. In my head I am imagining Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier and all the other L Word ladies hanging out on High Street and I am loving it.

The design of the new space is about half-way done and how it is described in the article sounds nice. I am anxious to get a sneak peek of the place and maybe convince the owners to name it something other than Liquid which just makes me think of it as a place where the clap is swapped back and forth.

Check out the article only available in print on page 15.

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