Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Last night we went to dinner at the Rossi last night and noticed that they are nearing completion of their expansion into next door. According to the waitress the new side is relatively complete, they just need to frame up the wall in the front which they knocked through to connect the two units. The planned opening date is April 1. The most amazing thing is that despite them almost doubling their floor space they are maintaining their existing kitchen to servic the whole restaurant. Admittedly I love the restaurant but the service is not uber fast so I hope they can make do with this tiny space.

On a food note - my partner loved his burger but I was pretty disappointed in the pizza and our friend scoffed at the pasta. Normally we love this place - especially the entrees - so I am not going to acknowledge that this dinner ever took place and of course go back to see the bigger and better Rossi.

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