Thursday, January 17, 2008


Between the Sunset Lounge and the St. James on N. Fourth Avenue was a suprisingly fun gay bar called Eagle in Exile. Yes, the name is a little scary. Yes, you had to enter on the side. Yes, you had to park on neighboring gravel lot. Yes, the front windows were boarded up. Yes, a manequin in black leather was always in the window on the second floor.

So, not it was not a charming, quaint locale but the two times I went there the drinks were cheap, people were friendly and the sound system rockin'.

Any way, I drove past it this past week and they are actually renovating the 1940's structure and adding what appears to be a side patio. The windows are tinted but no longer covered and it looks like people will once again be invited through the front door. The Franklin County Auditor's website lists the property as being bought last month for a little less than $200K but not a bad deal since the redone retail/commercial/restaurant space should attract a lot of the new IV residents and they are getting apartments above.

I am assuming the Eagle is in a much better place now but this is just guess since the phone number is disconnected. I'll also post an old pic of the manequin- it always made me smile.

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Anonymous said...

it looks so hot.
I really like the new sign
It's very industrial
I had a crazy night there once
This place is gonna be hot