Saturday, December 22, 2007


Back in DC I hoed my little heart out in a community garden plot for almost four years. The experience was great with the exception of when my plot neighbor cut down my sunflowers one day because she felt they shaded her squash too much. I digress. Not only was I able to grow my own fresh vegetables and flowers but gardening was a great stress outlet for me and allowed me meet my fellow neighbors. From spring till fall, we would hold monthly on site bbq's, volunteer projects, etc. so it was a very close knit group.

After moving here a year ago I wanted to replicate the experience but had a hard time finding a location or person to contact so after a while I gave up. However, I just recently moved to the Italian Village and stumbled upon what appears to be a rundown community garden on Punta Street between Hamlet and Fourth Avenue. Obviously the winter season is party responsible for the garden's condition but I have feeling it is not as well loved as ones back in DC where most people do not have backyards. Anyone know about this site? I thought I would reach out to the online community before I contact the Growing to Green organization.

On a related note, as of 2006 the Franklin Park Conservatory became home of the American Community Garden Association. This is a pretty big deal and I wish Columbus would do more to publicize this organization and how it chose to relocate here.


osuhomebase said...

Last year I think I saw a 4sale sign on the community garden. I asked about using it myself and nobody responded... I ended up building a little plot in my miniature back yard.

I would love to garden there though and leave my "yard" for things like corn hole games and my grill.

cmhindependent said...

The President of Italian Village Society informed me that the property has been sold and they are looking for an alternative site for a community garden.