Sunday, October 28, 2007


Looks like Kroger bulldozed the two houses that sat on Courtland Street adjacent to their current store. I haven't seen any proposed/approved design or a timeline associated with their new store but it appears that they are gearing up. I cannot wait for what the neighborhood calls "kro-ghetto" to close. The store is poorly constructed on the site i.e. parking lot along the street, large box facade, etc. and just plain dirty on the inside.


Walker Evans said...

According to the Weinland Park Plan the Kroger is to be redeveloped with the store frontage up against High Street with parking in the back or to the side. Should look nice when it's revamped!

Joe Peffer said...

It can't be razed soon enough. My first house was on Hamlet Street, just North of 5th and I used this Kroger all the time. I'll just say it was a great place to watch interesting, yet odd, people -- any time of the day or night.